Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kudzu to Ethanol

Personally, I am very against the use of ethanol to fuel cars. Mainly because as it is the main source of ethanol is corn, which is delicious... so it just doesn't make sense to me use something to run a machine that I could just as soon eat. Anyway, for those of you that live in the southeast, you know of the plaque that is Kudzu... I have found a couple good posts in the last couple weeks about the possibility of using it to create ethanol. Now that's more like it. Check out the article on ecogeek here. And this one on chemically green. This is the kind of thinking we need to encourage and pursue. The answer is out there, just not in my stomach.


Chemically Green said...

Thanks for your post.
I am in agreement with you 100%, corn ethanol is not the answer, but using a biomass such as kudzu and using industrial waste streams that have sugar content make sense. Unfortunately, our Congress does not get it because they are paying kickbacks for corn ethanol which is costing the taxpayers billions of dollars with little turn on investment. Recent USDA report stated that corn ethanol only affected the price of gasoline by 4cents.
Keep up the good work and get the word out. Government and the oil companies do not want ethanol made from biomass and the small companies are going to make this work.
Check us out at
A video iterview with Doug Mizell, maker of Kudzunol, will be posted in the next week or so to the CG blog. Be sure to look it up.

Admin said...

Awesome, input. The government subsidies are all totally backwards nowadays it would seem. Oil companies are getting federal money, but solar power can't get any help.

Anyway, everyone give chemically green a look. Good stuff over there.

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